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Gamma-Gamma Coincidence Analysis

This chapter is dedicated for gamma-gamma coincidence function of STARWARE.

After you successfully load the *.mat data file with gamma-gamma coincidence matrix, you can begin the analysis.

1. open *.mat matrix datafile with gamma-gamma coincidence.

(The data is taken from the 152Eu and 133Ba sources.)

2. zoom the region where you want to get the gate condition.(the histogram is from TH1 class and the canvas is from TCanvas class in ROOT.)

3. using double-clicking of the left button of your mouse, you can set the gate condition.

4. set gate conditions and Compton backgrounds on the left side and right side of the peak.

(All 6 conditions should be set.)

The conditions are also shown in the command line.

5. press GATE button on the right side.

Printed gate information has been disappeared.

In the second tab named Gated Spectrum, you can check the result.

The result of the gated histogram is also saved in (gated_peak_value)keV.root at the same directory where the data file is.

If you have a mistake and want to remove the present condition, 7th double-click will help you to reset the gate condition.

7. y-axis is also valid to set the gate conditions.

8. using OPEN SPEC. button in Gated Spectrum tab, you can load other gated spectrum and compare.



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