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What's the meaning of your name, 김태희金泰熙?

Today's lesson is not about korean grammar. It's about korean culture and history.

I will explain you about my name's meaning, and history about it...

Korean names are usually made of chinese characters漢字한자

We had used chinese characters 한자, until King sejong made hangul한글. Also family name cuture came from China.

We still usually use 한자 to name our children. So my name, 김태희 is made of chinese characters한자 too. 金김Gim/Kim 泰태Tae 熙희hee. In modern chinese pronunciation, "Jin tai xi". My chinese friend pronounced it for me.

金김 means gold금. It is my 성, 성씨family name which express my dynasty. 泰태 means great, big 큰. 熙희 means shining 빛나다. It's the 돌림자 cycle character which express my 세대generation and 분파branch of my dynasty. We have the 족보 map of the family tree.

So my name means "크게 빛나는 이 the one shining greatly,김씨 가문의 자식 the child of the Kim dynasty." 


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