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Half-life Measurement Analysis

This half-life measurement is almost dedicated for beta-decay half-life.

For the isomeric decay, it is on the process of the development.

In this chapter, the half-life for beta-decay using gamma-ray will be discussed.

1. in Projected Spectra tab, set the gate condition using double-clicking.

All 6 conditions must be confirmed.

2. set the time interval for the decay curve at Input the time bin size on the right side, and press DECAY GATE.

3. the result is shown on the bottom of Gated Spectrum tab. The output file is automatically created.

4. move to Half-life Measurement tab, and set the peak value just you made. Be careful that for this function, the output file of the decay curve must exist. By pressing SET PEAK button, the peak value is saved and change the type of the decay at Types of decay and set half-life of parent. Then press GET HALFLIFE for the result.

The result will be shown in the command line.

In this case, because of the decay curve, we used the decay curve for the daughter nucleus.

And we just used one peak value to deduce the value.

For the daughter nucleus type, the half-life of parent value is fixed as you set, for example, 350 is the fixed value to get the daughter's half-life.

However, for the parent case, this value should be also set but not fixed.

It will be initial condition for the fitting procedure.

Let's take a look for this case.

5. make several decay curves just like above to set the peak values to deduce the half-life. In this example, three of them are saved.

The result is around 350 ms but not exactly 350 ms!!

If you set several peak information, you will see just like above in your command line.


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