Natural Korean For English.

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Topic1 Introducing yourself. 안녕하세요. Hello!

If you don't know how to read hangul. Please read the cover page커버 페이지. I recommended you basic materials!

First it is a very common situation. You meet korean at online or face to face! You will say hello, introduce yourself, and say "I am studying korean, help me!" to them. these are simple, right?

Today's phrases

  1. 안녕하세요! Hello!
  2. 제 이름은 ~(이)에요. My name is ~.
    1. 저의 = 제 = My, 이름은 ~(이)에요 = name is ~
    2. you should pronounce 이름은 as => [이르믄]
  3. 저는 한국어를 공부해요. I learn korean.
    1. 저는 = 전 = I, ~를 공부해요 = learn, study ~
    2. you should pronounce 한국어 as => [한구거]
  4. (전) 아직 초보자에요. I am still a biginner.
    1. 아직 = still, beginner = 초보자, 저는 ~에요 = I am
  5. 하지만 (저는) 언어 공부를 매우 좋아해요. But I like language learning very much.
    1. 하지만 = but, 언어 공부 = language learning, 매우 = very
    2. you should pronounce 언어 as => [어너]
  6. 절 도와주세요. Please, help me.
    1. ​절 = 저를 = me



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