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Bonus : countries, languages, people

Bonus ~국國 (country) ~ / ~어語 language of ~ / ~인人 people of ~

I will teach you how to say

  • "Where did you come from ~?" (당신은) 어디에서 왔어요?
    • ​어디 = where
    • A에서 = from A
    • 와요 = come.
      • 왔어요 = came. You can learn about past tense at Topic5
  • "I came from ~" (저는) ~에서 왔어요.
  • "I can speak ~" (저는) ~어를 할 줄 알아요.
    • ​A를 할 줄 알아요 know how to do A
    • "(당신은) 영어를 할 줄 알아요?" Can you speak english?

But you have to know the name of countries or languages in korean. Just search your country. If there isn't it, Please tell me. I will add it for you.

They usually came from China, or at least use chinese chracter like many korean words.

Korean had used Chinease characters to write, Until king Sejon세종대왕 made hangul한글. If you already know other east asian languages like japanesase or vietnamease, It is familiar to you. It's because China중국 was the Center중심 of East Asia. Korean delivered Chinease character to japan. Someone call East Asia as Chinease culture. It's really true.

  • 국가國家, 나라 country 언어言語, 말 language 인간人間, 사람 human
    • 국가 = 國국 country + 家home, family = "a country as a family"
    • 언어 = 言 language, talk, text , saying + 語 language, saying, story = LANGUAGE
    • 인간 = 人 a person, human + 間 between, relationship = "the relationship between a person and a person" Because human is a social animal.
  • 외국 countries abroad 외국어 foreign language 외국인, 외국사람 foreigner
  • 한국 korea 한국어, 한국말 korean (language) 한국인, 한국사람 korean
  • 중국 china 중국어 chinese (language) 중국인, 중국사람 chinese
    • ex 저는 중국인에요. I am a chinese. 저는 중국에서 왔어요. I am from China.
  • 영국 england 영어 english (language) 영국인, 영국사람 english
  • 일본 japan 일본어 japanease (language)  일본인, 일본사람 japanese
  • 프랑스, 불란서佛蘭西 france 프랑스어, 불어佛語 french 프랑스인 french
    • 러시아 russia, 러시아어, 노어露語 russian 러시아인 russian
      • 소련 = 소비에트 연방 Soviet Union, 소련 여자 soviet woman
      • Only Old koreans use the chinese expressions like 불란서, 불어, 노어, 소련 You don't have to know them.
    • ​독일 germany, 이탈리아 italy
  • 멕시코 mexico 스페인어 spanish 멕시코인, 멕시코 사람. mexican
    • 브라질Brazil, 쿠바 cuba, 푸에르토리코 puerto rico


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