Natural Korean For English.

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Lesson1 Greeting 인사

Lesson1 Greeting 인사 in korean

  • Natural "안녕하세요." Hello = "Are you in safe and peace?" = "How are you?"
    • 안녕安寧 means literally "safe and peace" It came from chinese.
      •  You will learn about 반말 at Topic3. To your close friend or inferior, You can just say
      • Natural 안녕 = 안녕하세요's 반말 style.
  • Natural "좋은 아침이에요" Good morning. In fact, they came from english.
    • 좋은 = good, 아침 = morning
  • Absurd Korean don't use "Good afternoon오후" or "Good evening 저녁"
  • Natural But we use  "잘 자요." Good night밤 It literaly means "(I hope you) sleep well!"
  • Natural "잘 가요." literally "(I hope you) go (to your home) well"
    • If you leave the place, you should use Natural "잘 있어요"goodbye. literally "(I hope you) be (at your place) well
      • You will learn about honorific존대말, closely반말, formal 격식체, at Topic3 later. You can pass it now, then return and review.
      • To your superior, You should useNatural  "안녕히 가세요." or "안녕히 계세요." go / be safe and in peace 존대말.
        • to someone's parents, or even store's clerk and supermarket's cashier. the clerk will also use 존대말 to you.
      • To your inferior or close friend, You can use Natural "잘 가" or " 잘 있어"or just "안녕" 반말.
  • Natural "다음에 또 만나요." See you next time again.
    • meet, see (person) = 만나요, next time = 다음에, again = 또 or 다시

Test and practice

 If you drag the gray parts, You can see the answers.

  • You meet a korean at first.
    • you want to say "Hello." Then... "안녕하세요"
    • If it is in morning, you want to say "Good morning." Then... "좋은 아침이에요"
  • While you talk, the korean say "I will go to have lunch now."
    • you want to say "Goodbye" Then... "잘 가요."
    • you want to say "See you later" Then... "다음에 만나요" or "다음에 봐요."
    • Then the korean say... "Yes, 잘 있어요."
  • While you talk, the korean say "I am sleepy... I have to go to bed now."
    • ​you want to say "Good night" Then... "잘 자요."


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