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Lesson2 Guessing missing subject.

Lesson2 You can omit subject or object in korean.

Korean usually just omit subject or object. In fact, I recommend you to do it whenever it is needed.  It's more concise when the meaning is clear at the context. So it looks and sounds more natural.

Natral Examples

We can rewrite our today's phrases.

저는 Ria에요. 한국어를 공부해요. 아직 초보자에요. 하지만 언어 공부를 매우 좋아해요. 한국어 공부를 도와주세요.


Test and Practice.

What is the missing part? If you drag the gray parts, You can see the answers.

  • You meet a korean on Tandem.
    • The korean say... "(저는) 중국을 좋아해요." (  I  ) like China.
      • 중국 = China. You can learn countries name at this Topic's Bonus.
      • A은/는 B을/를 좋아해요. A like B
        • You can learn about 은/는, 이/가, 을/를 at Topic5's lesson3.
    • then the one say "(저는) 중국에 가고 싶어요." (  I  ) want to go to China.
      • A은/는 B에 가고 싶어요. A want to go to B
        • A은/는 B하고 싶어요. A want to do B.
        • A은/는 B에 가요. A go to B
  • You and a korean are at a cafe. You two can hear the background music of the cafe.
    • the korean say "(저는) 이 노래를 좋아해요." ( I ) like this song.
      • 노래 = song
      • 이 A=this A - 저 B = that B - 그 C = the C
  • You and a korean are on a street. You two find something? You approach it... Then
    • You say "(이것은 or 그것은) 고양이에요. (this or it) is a cat.
      • 그것 it - 저것that - 이것 this.
      • A은/는 B(이)에요. A be(am, is, are) B.
  • Then... A cute boy come to you.
    • he say " 이것은 or 그것은 제 고양이에요.(this or it) is my cat.
      • ​제 = 저의 = my, of me.
      • A의 = of A, A's


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