Natural Korean For English.

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Rule4. Concentrate on small things you learn today.

오늘 배울 작은 것에 집중하세요.

If you get a feedback. You can choose which side to focus on today. You don't have to memorise them all at first time. You choose several things. Other? Just see and pass them.

Example step3

1. 풍경을 is correct, not 풍경를

if the last character have a 받침 final consonant, You have to use , not 를. It's same in 에요/에요 /는 and /가. It's because final consonant is hard to pronounce. If you use 을,이에요, 은,이, you can pronounce them easily.

  • 엇을[무어슬], 사람을[사라믈], 한국을[한구글], 빵을  vs 한국어를, 영화를, 노래를
  • 생이에요 I am a student. 중국인이에요[중구기니에요] it is a book. 밥이에요[바비에요]It is a meal.
    • vs 여자에요. I am female. 친구에요 We are friends. 영어에요. it is in english. 
  • 경은, 풍경이 is correct, not 풍경를 풍경가. You can practice it with other words.
    • 무엇 vs 무엇?
    • 영화 vs 영화?
    • 사람 vs 사람?
    • 노래 vs 노래?

2. 발견하다 => 발견요, not 발견요.

하다 => 해요, not '하요'. For example 좋아하다 => 좋아해요like. 사랑하다 => 사랑해요love.

But there are still a lot of different cases. Why... 찾다find, search => 찾아요. 받아들이다 => 받아들여요. 기다리다wait for => 기다려요. 듣다listen to=> 어요etc.

Don't be afraid now. You will learn about them someday. Even if It looks chaos, There are patterns and reasons behind them. You can understand them by some rules. But i wanna emphsize it. It's Not today.


If you want more... You can read THE RED. You may think korean is hard. But as I said, you don't need to be native. Korean is just a foreign languague for you. As you see. If you keep learningYour korean can be growing one by one. Everyday. It is important just to choose what to learn today.


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